Our all-inclusive 3 Year Old Curriculum is “ABC Jesus Loves Me” and consists of a chronological study of Bible stories starting in Genesis.  Each Bible story is supported with a memory verse, song, and finger play or nursery rhyme.  Academically, the children learn colors, a letter of the week consisting of the uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and basic math skills including shapes, sorting, spatial concepts, and patterns.  Gross and fine motor skill activities are also included in this curriculum.  A “Book of the Week” introduces children to some of the best preschool books in print. This curriculum is very well-rounded and keeps Jesus at the center of everything the children learn.

Our 4 Year Old Curriculum for Math is Bob Jones University for K-5. Math K-5 teaches math interactively through the use of manipulatives to help students understand math concepts such as number sense, addition, subtraction, measurement, time and calendar, geometry, and other skills. Colorful worksheets and characters like Farmer Brown and Cheddar Mouse make learning Math fun while incorporating exciting Bible lessons.

We use Positive Action’s “Exploring God’s Love” for our K-4 Bible curriculum. Children explore a new Bible story each week. The colorful workbook reinforces the lesson with puzzles, coloring pages, cut-and-paste activities—and much more—teaching our students the lessons of God’s love in concrete, approachable ways.

Our Phonics Curriculum for K-4 is called “Zoo-Phonics.” This interesting approach to learning letter sounds and reading strategies proves to be one of the most effective approaches we have seen. Keeping in mind that preschoolers are wired to wiggle and move, this curriculum ties an animal and hand signal into each letter. Sounds and strategies are reinforced daily through movement activities, song, worksheets, games, and more.